June 27, 2019–

The Summer Reading program is in full swing. 113 children enrolled to read, earn prizes, and have fun. The theme, “A Universe of Stories”, has led to many entertaining and educational activities.

The youngest, Space Cadets, ages 2 to 4, come every Tuesday morning for stories, crafts, and activities. We started off with aliens from outer space! In the first month, they have also learned some new songs, read about the moon and animals that are out at night, made night drums and moon craters.

Astronauts, children ages 5 to 8, come every other Thursday morning. They read stories about outer space aliens, made alien handwriting, played “Defend the Planet”, read and watched videos about how astronauts live and work in space, and had a “Space Race”. They too have learned some space songs.

The Space Engineers, ages 9 to 12, come on alternate Thursday mornings. They were challenged to create a geodesic dome from newspapers and duct tape. Our special guest, retired science teacher Bruce Albright, led them in an activity to determine how far the planets are from the sun and from each other. Each square of toilet paper equaled one million miles!

There is a great deal more to come in July.